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Other Real Estate Issues covers those subjects that either overlap over many categories, or cannot be readily classified. This includes discussions about the relationship of bankruptcy with foreclosure; about real estate and corporate fraud; and other deceptive practices that come into the world of real estate from time to time. The section also includes "How To" and "Top Five" lists to organize real estate information in a palatable manner. For a more thorough insight on your Boston real estate matter, consider meeting with a Boston Real Estate lawyer.

Recently in Other Real Estate Issues in Boston:

Boston Responses to Calls for Affordable Housing

With a staggering shortage of affordable housing, it's becoming increasingly difficult to buy or rent property in Boston.

At some point, the city will have to step in and address the increasing scarcity of affordable housing options.

Here are five solutions the city may use to help ease the financial burden:

When to Take a Tenant to Court

Although far from an ideal situation, there are certain situations when a landlord may find that he or she must take a tenant to court for eviction purposes.

In order to legally evict a tenant in Massachusetts, a landlord must properly terminate a tenancy and get permission from a court to legally take possession of the apartment.

Here are three common reasons to sue to evict a tenant:

3 Ways to Transfer Home Ownership

If you're interested in transferring your home ownership, you may wonder how to go about doing it. There are three common ways people transfer such ownership: through deeds, joint tenancy, and wills.

Here's a general overview of these three types of home ownership transfer:

Should Your Apt. Complex Be Sniffing for Dog-Doo DNA?

Snowstorm season may be brewing in Massachusetts, but the town of Braintree is currently preoccupied with a poopstorm of the canine variety.

The condominium community of Devon Wood recently implemented a new pooper-scooper enforcement tool fit for the brave new world: the manager is using DNA testing to nail residents who aren't picking up after their pups.

Is dog poop DNA testing the (smelly) wave of the future?

Are Married Couples Joint Tenants?

Property ownership in Massachusetts is a confounding matter for many married couples. As you may know, Massachusetts is not a community property state. For that reason, it's not easily presumed that a property purchased by a husband and wife together would enjoy a 50/50 split in property interest.

To protect you and your spouse's property interest, you may want to look into a joint tenancy.

What is Massachusetts Chapter 40B?

What is Massachusetts' Chapter 40B? Under Massachusetts' Comprehensive Permit Act, Chapter 40B was a section enacted in 1969 in order to address the shortage of affordable housing developments in the state.

While this may sound like a great provision, Chapter 40B has raised some questions and even complaints from residents in various communities around Massachusetts -- many of which are attempting to enforce changes, North Andover Patch reports.

What does the law mean, exactly? Also, what are these changes residents are pushing for? Here's a general overview:

Public Nuisance Laws: Weeds, Pests, Diseases, Oh My!

Have you been slacking off on your landscaping? Well, you may want to get back on that horse lawnmower. If you continue to house certain weeds, diseases, or pests, you could face liability under Massachusetts' public nuisance law.

Even if you have the skills of a topiary artist, you can't keep pests, diseases, and noxious weeds that are governed by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 128.

5 Legal Tips for Your Interior Design Project

You might have seen a show or two on TLC or HGTV and realized a life without crown molding and cerulean-colored walls is no life at all. Before you let your home decor imagination run wild, make sure you have your legal palette covered.

Here are five interior decorating legal tips to keep in mind:

Court Throws Out Housing Discrimination Claim Against Stonehill College

A student at Stonehill College in Massachusetts filed a lawsuit alleging that her roommate was having too much sex.

Interestingly, a close look at the lawsuit shows that it's actually rooted in housing law and claims of housing discrimination. But a large part of the case was tossed out by a federal judge, who didn't find that many of her claims had merit.

As reported in the Enterprise News, Lindsay Blankmeyer sued the college, claiming that her roommate had too much sex with her boyfriend. This, she claimed, went on while she was only a few feet away in the room, watching the entire ordeal.

Black Friday Liabilty for Property Owners, Not Just Retailers

This week, Black Friday is coming up and holiday shoppers couldn't be more excited.

While many states have begun opening doors on Thursday, Massachusetts law prohibits employees from working on Thanksgiving. So it's Black Friday and not "Black Thursday/Friday" in Massachusetts.