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During the course of our lifetime, most of us will buy some kind of real property. For most, it will be a house, a place that we often intend to spend decades in, and which will be our primary monthly expense if we get a mortgage. For that simple reason, it is best to be very careful when buying (or selling) real estate.

There are a number of legal terms that you have to be familiar with, from amortization and acceleration clause, all the way to title searches and title insurance. In addition, you are faced with the ominous "closing" -- which many people treat far less seriously than they should.

Whether you are buying or selling real estate, sometimes the best way to protect your interests is to speak to an attorney. Any Boston Real Estate lawyer can be your best line of defense against predatory buyers, sellers, lenders, agents or other real estate pitfalls.

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85% of Bostonians Can't Afford Their City: Mayor

Eighty-five percent of the people of Boston cannot afford to live in the towers tracing the city's flourishing skyline, Mayor Marty Walsh said at a construction conference.

According to Boston Real Estate Now, the asking price for units in the new towers opening up in downtown Boston are inching toward $3,000 per month for studios and a staggering $12,000 per month for penthouses. It's not much better in Cambridge.

Where can middle-class families turn for assistance to avoid being priced out of their beloved city?

Boston Responses to Calls for Affordable Housing

With a staggering shortage of affordable housing, it's becoming increasingly difficult to buy or rent property in Boston.

At some point, the city will have to step in and address the increasing scarcity of affordable housing options.

Here are five solutions the city may use to help ease the financial burden:

3 Ways to Transfer Home Ownership

If you're interested in transferring your home ownership, you may wonder how to go about doing it. There are three common ways people transfer such ownership: through deeds, joint tenancy, and wills.

Here's a general overview of these three types of home ownership transfer:

Ready to Sell Your Office?: 5 Legal Questions

An investment fund run by the real estate firm Related Beal rang in the new year by purchasing five historic buildings in the heart of downtown Boston from Fidelity Investments. For fellow Bostonian business owners, the deal begs a popular commercial real estate question: Is it time to sell your office?

Here are five legal questions to ask yourself before you put your commercial property on the market:

What Are CC&Rs?

When you move into a condo or housing development, you will often be asked to sign a catch-all deed of declarations called "Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions" (CC&Rs).

But what exactly are CC&Rs?

Are Married Couples Joint Tenants?

Property ownership in Massachusetts is a confounding matter for many married couples. As you may know, Massachusetts is not a community property state. For that reason, it's not easily presumed that a property purchased by a husband and wife together would enjoy a 50/50 split in property interest.

To protect you and your spouse's property interest, you may want to look into a joint tenancy.

10 Tips for Finding the Right Office Space

When trying to find the right office space, there are a number of factors you need to take into account. First, you must ask yourself the million dollar question: to rent or buy?

For those who are keeping both options open, here are ten tips to keep in mind when renting or buying commercial real estate:

Top 10 Tips for Buyers as the Housing Market Recovers

Like Florida, when it came to Boston's real estate market, some people thought it would never come back. But guess what? It's time to trim those trees and rent that staging furniture: The Boston real estate market is ba-ack from the dead!

For those on the buying end, here are 10 house-buying tips to consider while on the prowl for your new palace:

7 Steps to Selling Your Boston Home

You're ready to sell your Boston home. However, with the real estate market only recovering slightly, you may have some hard work ahead of you to get the best value for your home.

Here's a look at seven general steps to selling your home:

Why Are Mortgages Harder to Get?

The housing market is going back up, according to's Real Estate Now Blog. In some areas, it's booming.

Boston is no stranger to this phenomenon. Back in the day, it had a booming market and overpriced homes.

Now, as the market is recovering, we're seeing history beginning to repeat itself.