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Are Micro-Apartments Legal?

When it comes to getting priced out, Bostonians are feeling the heat. Greater Boston is experiencing a staggering housing shortage -- currently, an estimated 25,000 units expected to balloon to 46,000 units, Curbed reports.

Other housing-starved cities like New York and San Francisco are turning to micro-apartments as an urban planning solution to skyrocketing housing prices. Boston is warming up to the idea of micro-apartments, albeit slowly and skeptically.

But are micro-apartments legal in Boston?

When to Take a Tenant to Court

Although far from an ideal situation, there are certain situations when a landlord may find that he or she must take a tenant to court for eviction purposes.

In order to legally evict a tenant in Massachusetts, a landlord must properly terminate a tenancy and get permission from a court to legally take possession of the apartment.

Here are three common reasons to sue to evict a tenant: