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Should Your Apt. Complex Be Sniffing for Dog-Doo DNA?

Snowstorm season may be brewing in Massachusetts, but the town of Braintree is currently preoccupied with a poopstorm of the canine variety.

The condominium community of Devon Wood recently implemented a new pooper-scooper enforcement tool fit for the brave new world: the manager is using DNA testing to nail residents who aren't picking up after their pups.

Is dog poop DNA testing the (smelly) wave of the future?

Pooch Poop DNA Testing

Devon Wood will use the increasingly po(o)pular Tennessee-based DNA-matching service BioPet Vet Lab to track down offenders, reports the Associated Press.

After polite reminders, letters, and notices (and probably a few passive aggressive notes to boot) failed to do the doggy doo-doo trick, management turned to DNA testing to locate offenders à la "CSI" style.

The process entails scooping up abandoned doggy deposits and sending the samples to the BioPet lab for DNA testing that can identify the breed and, ultimately, the owner.

Dog poop DNA testing is taking off in New Jersey, Texas, and beyond -- but do condo managers have good reason to be on the fecal warpath?

Pooch Poop Premises Liability

Apart from the emotional trauma that comes with a canine slip 'n slide -- and potential nuisance issues -- stepping on a puppy poopstick could also expose property management companies to premises liability.

Take PetSmart, for example. The retail store had to settle with one patron who met with an accident after meeting with an accident: The customer threw his back out after slipping on the dog poop and even needed back surgery. The patron claimed that PetSmart was negligent in that it failed to protect him from an unobvious hazardous condition on the premises.

Devon Wood's management could face similar liability as maintenance staff previously reported seeing, stepping onto, or driving over several piles of droppings each week on its 350-acre property, reports the AP.

If anyone were to slip and fall on the dog dung and sustain an injury, the management could be on the legal hook.

The lesson: pick up your pup's poop patties or the you-know-what will hit the fan.

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