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September 2013 Archives

10 Tips for Finding the Right Office Space

When trying to find the right office space, there are a number of factors you need to take into account. First, you must ask yourself the million dollar question: to rent or buy?

For those who are keeping both options open, here are ten tips to keep in mind when renting or buying commercial real estate:

Public Nuisance Laws: Weeds, Pests, Diseases, Oh My!

Have you been slacking off on your landscaping? Well, you may want to get back on that horse lawnmower. If you continue to house certain weeds, diseases, or pests, you could face liability under Massachusetts' public nuisance law.

Even if you have the skills of a topiary artist, you can't keep pests, diseases, and noxious weeds that are governed by Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 128.