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March 2013 Archives

Why Are Mortgages Harder to Get?

The housing market is going back up, according to's Real Estate Now Blog. In some areas, it's booming.

Boston is no stranger to this phenomenon. Back in the day, it had a booming market and overpriced homes.

Now, as the market is recovering, we're seeing history beginning to repeat itself.

What Is an Attorney's Role in a Home Purchase?

Massachusetts plays by some different rules when it comes to buying and selling a home.

In most states, a real estate agent can handle all aspects of a home sale. In Massachusetts, things are a bit different.

According to, a Massachusetts real estate lawyer has a unique role when it comes to buying and selling real property in the state.

Consider Short-Selling Your Home

According to RealtyTrac, there were nearly three times the number of short sales as there were foreclosed homes in 2012.

The numbers show that across the nation, foreclosures made up 11% of all sales. Short sales comprised 32% of all home sales, according to CNNMoney.

If short sales are so common, how easy are they? And what does the process involve?