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Court Throws Out Housing Discrimination Claim Against Stonehill College

A student at Stonehill College in Massachusetts filed a lawsuit alleging that her roommate was having too much sex.

Interestingly, a close look at the lawsuit shows that it's actually rooted in housing law and claims of housing discrimination. But a large part of the case was tossed out by a federal judge, who didn't find that many of her claims had merit.

As reported in the Enterprise News, Lindsay Blankmeyer sued the college, claiming that her roommate had too much sex with her boyfriend. This, she claimed, went on while she was only a few feet away in the room, watching the entire ordeal.

Blankmeyer claimed that her pre-existing depression was aggravated by the ongoing incidents. She alleged that the college did nothing to protect her from these actions. In short, she claimed that the school discriminated against her as a disabled person and failed to find reasonable accommodations for her.

As a result of what she claims was the school's failure to come to her aid, she was forced to move off campus. She claims that while the school offered her some potential on-campus housing solutions, none of them were viable. The school agreed to reimburse her rent, but this, she claims, didn't amount to a reasonable accommodation.

All Blankmeyer wanted was a single room, she asserts. Her complaint raises claims under the Rehabilitation Act and the Fair Housing Act. It also points to Massachusetts anti-discrimination law.

The essence of her complaint is the same argument heard in any discrimination complaint -- that she was treated differently because she was disabled.

But in her case, she was mentally disabled. So she wasn't alleging that the school treated all disabled people differently from non-disabled people. She said that the school treated mentally disabled people differently from physically disabled people.

But unfortunately for her, a judge found that she didn't provide any tangible proof of that. That's why her housing discrimination claim was thrown out.

Lindsay Blankmeyer's Stonehill College lawsuit isn't lost on all grounds, though. She is still allowed to pursue her claim that she was not granted a reasonable accommodation.

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