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Splash Ultra Lounge Closed For Permit and Occupancy Violations

If you’re operating a restaurant, night club or entertainment venue, be mindful of zoning and permitting restrictions. You might have to close your doors if you don’t comply with Boston zoning and permit rules.

A local lounge learned its lesson this weekend, when it had to close up shop after being cited by city officials for being in violation of licensing laws.

Splash Ultra Lounge was on the hook for being over capacity and for serving alcohol to minors, reports The Boston Globe.

According to the Globe, the lounge was over capacity on Saturday. Police counted a total of 302 club go-ers on the first floor, when the capacity was only 210.

The facility was also in violation of alcohol licensing rules when it served alcohol to minors.

Business licensing and permitting is an area of law that crosses over from business law into real estate law.

Zoning laws deal with the use of real estate for a particular purpose. If a business owner plans to erect a night club or a bar, for example, the owner should ensure that the land is zoned for the particular use. In short, the first step to erecting a night club would be to make sure that Boston ordinances allow a night club to be on the proposed land.

The next step involves permits and licenses. In order to run an entertainment business in Boston, it's necessary to get all the required permits and licenses, especially if selling food or alcohol.

In Boston, certificates of occupancy are given through the Fire Department and applied for through the Inspectional Services Department. The owner of the facility is required to provide safety and fire prevention plans in order for the certificate to be issued.

A facility which plans to have an occupancy of over 49 people must also apply for a place of assembly permit.

Splash isn't closed for good. The lounge needs to submit plans to the Fire Department to show how it plans to manage overcrowding. But for now, Splash patrons might have to find another place to go on Saturdays.

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