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Earthquake Damage? Homeowners' Insurance Might Cover It

If you're living in New England, then you may have felt the earthquake that rattled through the area on Tuesday night.

In fact, several Bostonians claimed to have felt the quake, reports ABC News.

What do you do if you suffered property damage as the result of the earthquake? Will your homeowners' insurance cover the damage? After all, this isn't exactly California.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, a 4.0 magnitude earthquake hit the area, with its epicenter near Hollis Center, Maine, reports ABC.

That’s not too far from Boston. And while there was little damage in the area, there were reports of property damage.

Californians are pretty well versed in the rites and rituals of earthquake safety but what happens when we move to the other coast? The eastern seaboard doesn’t see as many quakes, so homeowners out here aren’t as well versed as the Left Coasters on things such as earthquake insurance.

So, what do you do if you suffered property damage as the result of the earthquake?

First, you need to take photos of the damage. Take a walk around your house and see what was damaged.

Second, if you’ve determined that your property has suffered damage, then you need to call your insurance carrier immediately. Don’t wait too long on that. Notify your carrier that you are filing a claim.

If you have a fair amount of damage, then try to get an outside opinion on the estimate of your damages. Get everything in writing.

Finally, read your insurance policy. Read the fine print and look over the policy to see if earthquake damage is covered under your policy.

If you live in New England, it’s highly unlikely that you purchased earthquake insurance, but your policy might still cover a small amount of earthquake damage.

If you need help looking over your homeowners’ insurance, talk to a real estate lawyer. Have a look at our directory of Boston real estate attorneys.

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