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RHOA Reunion: Kim Zolciak and Nene Leaks' Real Estate Beef

The recent Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) reunion show made a lot of ripples and shot off a lot of fireworks, one of which pertains to a real estate fight between Kim Zolciak and Nene Leakes, reports Radar.

At issue is a festering fight over the fact that Nene Leakes exposed that a17,000 square foot mansion that Kim Zolciak and her husband Kroy Bierman were living in was a rental. Since the house was a good $3.2 million and in the RHOA world quite a status symbol, whether or not it was a rental or purchase was enough to lead the ladies to call each other the b-word.

Nene Leakes’ issue was that Kim Zolciak intimated that the house was her dream home, which Nene inferred meant that it was purchased. She then pressured Kim to admit that it was a rental.

However, in the end, Kim had a rebuke as well.

“B***h I do, but guess what, we’re closing next month. We bought the house.”

Now whether or not the house is actually bought remains to be seen — and may be the subject of a whole ‘nother show — but it does illustrate that in the minds of people there is still a great difference between being a homeowner and a renter.

The most significant part of being a renter is that you must fulfill your duties as a tenant and also protect your rights. These are worries that homeowners don’t have — so perhaps that is just one reason people think that homeowners have it better off. Others include tax credits for homeownership, equity, and a feeling of security. On the renter’s side, homeowners fear foreclosure, a loss in value and if the roof leaks, it is their responsibility.

Whether or not you are buying a home in Boston or renting, if you have a question about your duties and rights you should definitely consult with a local attorney.

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