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Can You Terminate a Lease in MA if the Place is Haunted?

You may not be Shaggy or Scooby Doo but it could be that you have certain paranormal abilities and can spot ghosts in the machine (or, in this case, the washing machine). If so, can you use that as a way to get out of your lease? You don't know? Why don't you ask these tenants down in Toms River New Jersey (of course it would be Toms River!) who are alleging that their apartment is haunted, notes FindLaw's Legally Weird.

While some kooky paranormal police have identified the possibility of paranormal activity in the apartment, many people will (rightly) think that this might be a ruse by the family to get out of the lease.

While the family’s tactic to get out of the lease might be a little out of this world, it actually is not too far away from some opinions which believe that one way to get out of a lease without having to face the penalty of termination is to make yourself annoying to the landlord just enough that he or she might not want you there. If you allege that an apartment has a ghost, that might be good enough for the landlord to let you go.

Really, though, that doesn’t always work and you will normally need a legitimate reason to be able to terminate a lease.

Some of the things that might warrant you to break a lease in Massachusetts include the fact that the landlord does not address the issue of roaches or mice. Or he or she allows your heat or electricity to be cut off. Or the landlord comes into your property without your permission.

For a full list of actions that will allow you to break a lease in Boston or anywhere else in the state, you should consult with a local attorney. The money you will pay the attorney might be less than the lease termination fee.

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