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Steve Wynn's Foxborough Casino Designs Are Presented

Las Vegas casino magnate, Steve Wynn, has a plan for a gambling resort in Foxborough which will keep with the New England character. The proposed designs are quite something, reports The Boston Globe.

Wynn’s Foxborough casino plans come out as he is trying to get community support for the project. The design resembles a ski lodge, with wood and stone interiors. Drawings and flyers about Wynn’s Foxborough casino were sent to local residents.

The whole project will be worth about $1 billion.

Amusingly, Steve Wynn's Foxborough casino plans are modeled after his private house in Sun Valley, Idaho, according to The Globe. Whether that kind of thing be looked at favorably or unfavorably by hard-headed New Englanders here in the local communities, remains to be seen.

This issue will be quite important. In fact, under Massachusetts law, casinos must get local approval, which in turn might allow localities to receive yearly subsidies, notes FindLaw's Boston Real Estate News.

The actual vote is probably still a ways down the road, but the discussions about any benefit to local business and land use laws will begin now, and that includes the lobbying and the "communication" campaigns to residents which will go into over-drive.

Most developers aren't of Steve Wynn's stature, with his experience, money and resources. So when smaller developers are faced with trying to get community approval, they will probably want to seek the advice of established attorneys. They can help with with not just understanding local laws or ordinances, but also possibly with understanding the local community as well.

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