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Top 4 Reasons to Have Your Property Surveyed

When you move into a home, you may just assume that the fenced-in area around your home marks your property lines. So on one side of the fence is your property, and on the other side your neighbor’s property.

However, fences have very little legal meaning. Instead, you may want to have your property surveyed to see just where your property ends and begins, and for other reasons as well.

The following are the top four reasons to have your property surveyed:

  1. Boundary Lines. You'll want to survey your property before building a fence, making additions to your home, paving a driveway, etc. Cross onto your neighbor's land, and you may have to pay the costs of removing whatever you just built. Alternatively, a survey will help you determine if your neighbor's have encroached onto your property.

  2. Determine Easements. Easements are basically rights given to others to come onto your property. For example, utility companies may have easements over parts of your land or a neighbor may have an easement through your property if they have no other access to a public road. On large properties, you may want to know just who has the right to come onto, and through, your property -- and keep others out.

  3. Find Water. You can tell yourself whether there are lakes or ponds on your property. However, you'll need a professional inspection to find underground waters and areas appropriate for a well.

  4. Know Zoning Restrictions. Zoning regulations often go well beyond broad commercial, residential, and industrial categories. Instead, a professional survey can help determine additional restrictions on your use like set-back requirements. This will be important if you want to develop vacant land.

There are just four of the many reasons to have your property surveyed.

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