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Scariest Rental Markets in Greater Boston

A list of the most expensive rental markets in Boston was reported by The Boston Globe. Not surprisingly, the average rental rate in these neighborhoods was sky high, but if you are a parent of a MIT student, you may be scared by just how high.

Here are the most expensive rental markets:

  1. Kendall Square. Home to many MIT students, this Cambridge neighborhood requires an average rent of $2,766 a month.

  2. East Cambridge. Home to many of the MIT students who don't live in Kendall Square, the East Cambridge neighborhood also houses many Harvard students. The average rental in these parts is $2,713.

  3. Seaport. The first "professional" neighborhood to make the list, Seaport is home to many expensive restaurants and apartment buildings catering primarily to working people. The average rent in Seaport is $2,710.

  4. Charlestown. The "Town" has a reputation as being tough, blue-collar, and home to many bank robberies. Perhaps you need to rob a bank to afford the $2,501 rental rate.

  5. Waterfront and Financial District. The first neighborhoods in the heart of Boston to make the list, it costs about $2,485 a month to live here.

  6. Brookline Village. Where JFK was born and where many BU students now live, Brookline averages $2,425 rent.

As the rental markets in Boston continue to go up, renters should be aware that they are entitled to certain protections too. In Massachusetts, renters are entitled to a healthy apartment, may not be evicted for just any reason, and are only required to pay so much for a security deposit.

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