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Condominium Rules and Regulations

Pet and smoking bans were recently brought up in The Boston Globe. Condos frequently limit the size and breed of certain dogs that you may keep, and more and more condos are banning smoking altogether. However, the libertarian in you may be wondering what powers your condo board has in preventing you from buying a 120-pound rRottweiler.

When you bought your condo, you were likely handed a booklet of condominium rules and regulations. Along with smoking and pet bans, the list of rules could have included restrictions on how much noise you can make, decorations you can adorn the outside of your condo, etc.

Generally, when you bought your condo, you probably agreed to abide by these rules in a "you live under my roof, you live under my rules" situation. And when you violate these rules, the condo association probably spells out how it can punish you in its bylaws -- which you also agreed to when you moved in. Enforcement measures can include fines, requiring that you stop the offensive actions, and even eviction.

Still, a condo board is not all powerful. For example, a pet ban most likely cannot prevent a disabled person from having a physical assistance animal like a seeing-eye dog, reports the Globe. In addition, there may be privacy issues (sometimes depending on city or state laws) with whether a condo board can tell someone to not smoke cigarettes within the walls of one's own condo.

If you live in a condo subject to condominium rules and regulations, you likely agreed to abide by these rules when you first moved in. To break these rules, you likely face the penalties that you also agreed to.

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