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Boston Home Selling Tips

In another depressing real estate survey, half of homeowners across the country now believe that home prices are headed down. While home prices have been falling precipitously for years, homeowners had been surprisingly optimistic, expecting each year to be the rebound year. But after that rebound never happened, homeowners now are expecting the worst, reports The Boston Globe.

Many homeowners who had bought on the upswing or at near-peak prices were probably the longest holdouts, not selling their homes in hopes of higher prices on the horizon. However, as reality begins to settle in, those who had been holding off selling may now be forced to sell.

For those Boston homeowners, here are some home selling tips to help you in this stagnant market:

  • Know Your Local Market. Despite the national survey, Boston homes are still priced relatively high due to the fact that people frankly want to live in Boston. Home prices in your neighborhood may not have declined as much as some other areas, and your home may even have increased in value.
  • Fix Up Your House. Spending $100 to paint your door may increase the value of your home by $1,000 in buyer's eyes. It often is not that expensive to make minor cosmetic updates to your home. Spending a little money, can earn you back a lot more.
  • Decide To Hire a Realtor or Go It Alone. Realtors help advertise, show, and sell your home. But realtors also take a commission from the sale price. Selling a home isn't rocket science, and with a little bit of hard work and a library card, you can learn the basics of home selling and save that commission.

These Boston home selling tips are just a starting point for selling your home in this difficult market.

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