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Neighbor Dispute Leads to Dorchester Shooting

A neighbor dispute got out of control and led to a Dorchester shooting. Neighbors often do not act very neighborly, and that was certainly the case in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston over the weekend.

According to The Boston Globe, an unidentified man and his neighbor, Charles Johnson, got into an argument when Johnson apparently parked his car in front of the other man’s driveway. When the man asked Johnson to move his car, the two got into a heated argument.

As the argument escalated, Johnson allegedly went inside his home, retrieved a gun, returned to confront his neighbor, punched his neighbor in the face, and then shot at his neighbor with his gun, reports the Globe.

The neighbor fled the scene without getting seriously injured and he was able to alert authorities.

Johnson also fled the scene and was caught by police shortly thereafter. He was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and assault with intent to murder.

Dealing with neighbors is a fact of life for most city dwellers. Oftentimes, you have people living next to you, above you, and below you. And oftentimes, these people are not that considerate.

And while most neighbor disputes do not end up with assault and attempted murder charges, neighbor disputes can get very heated and very personal. Along with a blocked driveway, heated disputes between neighbors frequently involve:

There are legal measures neighbors can take against offending neighbors. For example, neighbors can call the police to deal with an immediate threat like in the Dorchester shooting or they can file a nuisance action in ongoing disputes.

Violence in a neighbor dispute should never be an option.

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