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Boston Landlord Refuses To Fix Code Violations

While Mayor Menino has vowed to crack down in landlords with major code violations, there is one Boston landlord that says he will not be fixing his code violations. The Boston Herald reports that Candeloro J. Maggio told the paper, "I'm gonna do nothing."  He was referring to his property in the Hub that was housing illegal tenants who caused one of Boston's largest fires.

According to the Boston Herald, Candeloro Maggio said that he knew that his tenants were living in his complex illegally. He was also aware that these tenants caused a blaze on August 21 by shooting fireworks into his warehouse next door. The buildings owned by Maggio had electrical code violations, an illegal auto body shop with flammable liquids and exposed wiring, and hills of trash.

While Maggio seems nonchalant about his violations, Mayor Menino threatened to take the Boston landlord to court if necessary. Menino told the Boston Herald that Maggio is sending a bad message: "He's saying, 'Hey, neighborhood - I don't care. My job is to make money off you.' " 

During a hearing on whether to condemn Maggio's property, Maggio claimed that he could not afford to assess and repair the violations. He told them, "There's no way I can do what you are asking me to do."

Candeloro Maggio's response stunned officials who think that safety should not be a negotiable issue. Boston Fire Commissioner Roderick J. Fraser told the Herald: "To me, it's unfortunate a property owner would basically say he was going to be a scofflaw and not do the right thing."

Maggio may need a Boston real estate attorney soon because it seems that Mayor Menino is determined to get the landlord to fix his code violations or see him in jail. He said, "We are going to do everything we can to get him to repair that property if it means incarceration, or whatever it means."

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