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Tenant Rights: What Your Landlord Can Do About A Noisy Neighbor

If you live in a rental in Boston or any other city, you know all about noise. While most Boston tenants think that they have to "deal with it," there are legal avenues that you can possibly navigate with the help of your landlord and a Boston real estate lawyer.

In Boston, if you live in a rental such as an apartment, you can ask for help about a noisy neighbor from your landlord. According to the Good Neighbors Handbook supplied by the Rental Housing Resource Center of Boston, a tenant has the right to enjoyment of a rental property. If something impacts that enjoyment, it is known as a Quality of Life issue.

An important Quality of Life issue is noisy neighbors in the building. If you have a noisy neighbor in a building owned by your landlord, he is responsible for rectifying the situation. If a solution can't be reached, he may even have to evict that noisy neighbor. It is important to note that the landlord has no obligation if the noisy neighbor resides in another building not owned by the landlord.

Another interesting thing to note is that if your noisy neighbor is your landlord, consulting with a Boston real estate attorney may be helpful. Why is that? If your landlord is directly affecting your use and quiet enjoyment of the rental, then you can sue for up to three months rent or actual damages (whichever is higher) plus attorney's fees.

It is good to note that mediation is a good option for the less litigious tenant. The City of Boston's Rental Housing Resource Center offers mediation free of charge to anyone involved in a housing dispute in the City of

If you are interested in free mediation, you can call (617) 635-RENT to schedule a mediation.

While you could just talk it out directly with a noisy neighbor, it is nice to know that you have options.

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