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Candidate Ryan Fattman Rallies Against Chapter 40B

When can affordable housing laws become a burden on citizens?

According to Massachusetts state representative candidate Ryan Fattman, some affordable housing laws can infringe on zoning laws, making their construction problematic for the locals living in the affected areas.

As a result, Ryan Fattman held a rally earlier this week to organize opposition to Chapter 40B affordable housing law. The rally, which was held at the center of Potter Circle, included several residents who are opposed to the construction of a 100-unit Lakeview Estates project. The problem cited by these opponents essentially rests on the fact that Chapter 40B allows real estate developers to circumvent certain zoning requirements if they fall within the affordable housing guidelines of Chapter 40B. Under the state's affordable housing law, developers have the ability to circumvent local zoning laws and gain approval for housing projects if 20 to 25 percent of their units fall within the state's income guidelines for affordable housing.

The Lakeview Estates project, which is being developed by Fafard Real Estate, plans to build duplexes between Douglas Drive and Silver Lake Road. Of the one hundred units, twenty-five units have been designated as affordable housing units. Local residents, however, are expressing concern that the additional population may strain already-strained local resources and pose safety risks to the local children.

The case of Chapter 40B is just one area where local zoning laws can have a direct impact on the lives of local residents. It's always important to be aware of local construction and local zoning laws. And when zoning laws conflict with the lives of residents, or when the zoning laws risk being violated, a Boston real estate lawyer could assist local residents in pursuing their cause. 

Contact a Boston real estate attorney if you have real estate zoning issues to discuss. 

[Editor's Note 6/7/10: The Mass. State Representative is currently is Jennifer Callahan. This post erroneously mentioned that Ryan Fattman was the Mass. State Representative previously.]  

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