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What is the Role of an MA Real Estate Attorney for the Seller?

What is the role of a Boston real estate attorney representing the seller?

Here is a list of what a MA real estate attorney must to on behalf of the seller, when a residential real estate deal is closing.

See if title is clear. The Boston real estate attorney would have to conduct a thorough title check to see if there are any liens or encumbrances on title. If there are any liens or encumbrances, then the MA real estate attorney may have to figure out how to remove those encumbrances to clear title.

Prepare the deed. The attorney needs to gather all relevant information to prepare the deed. This may include the full and accurate names of the buyer and the seller. The usual type of deed is a "quitclaim" deed, although others may also be sufficient.

In order to draft the deed properly, the seller's MA real estate attorney will have to follow the chain of title and figure out exactly what the seller owns. This act may presumably have been done when the attorney checked for clear title. Language in the deed should be drafted by the Boston real estate attorney to describe the parcel of land properly.

Figure out real estate taxes and the amounts to pay off encumbrances. The seller's attorney may want to make mention of these in the deed or in documents at the time of the closing. 

Represent the seller at the closing. Although the seller can be at the closing, there are sellers who for some reason or other, decline to be at the closing. As a result, they may not be able to sign all the papers needed to close. Often, they may issue a power of attorney to their Boston real estate attorney. At that time, the real estate attorney might be the one to sign the closing docs.

It's probably preferable that you contact a MA real estate attorney if you have any questions on closing a residential real estate sale.

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