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USA Today Cites Positive Growth in Boston RE Market

Although conflicting opinions may be confusing to many Bostonians, Boston real estate lawyers know that there are always multiple sides to any real estate story.

In the past few days, we've been discussing the state of affairs in the Greater Boston real estate market, post Federal tax credit.

For those of you who need a slight primer, there was a federal housing tax credit called the First Time Homebuyer's Tax Credit. It's largely a misnomer, since it didn't necessarily apply only to first time homebuyers. Nevertheless, it expired recently.

Of course, as predicted, home sales were boosted in the final days of the tax credit. March was an interesting month to watch, for Boston real estate lawyers.

Now, many Boston real estate attorneys and experts are arguing that the tax credit created an artificial boost in the real estate market-- a boost that was only related to the tax credit. They argued that home prices and sales would likely fall again, once the tax credit expired.

Others cited the recent data in foreclosures, stating that foreclosures had actually gone up  because banks knew they could find a larger number of willing buyers in the days of the tax credit.

Other posts I wrote spoke of unemployment as a major cause for foreclosure, according to Boston area real estate experts. 

In a recent USA Today article, however, real estate experts are cited as saying that the market is on a rebound and that the employment market is turning around.  

It's likely that Boston real estate attorneys may not come to a consensus on the question of rebound, when it comes to the housing market in the Greater Boston area.

Nevertheless, if you are looking to buy a property in or around the Boston region, Massachusetts real estate lawyers have a special role in the closing of the sale. It's probably wise to start looking for one today. Have a look at our Related Resources section for more information.

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