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Mayor Thomas Menino Promotes Innovation District

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is making a push for start-ups and businesses to re-locate to the South Boston Waterfront.

In what the city planners are calling the "Innovation District," Mayor Thomas Menino announced a competition to award $25,000 to a business that moves to the Innovation District. The competition will be launched in July and is being sponsored by the venture capital firm Spencer Trask & Co.

The Innovation District is in plans to be developed. The one-thousand acre parcels sit on the South Boston Waterfront and the Marine Industrial Park. Mayor Thomas Menino made the announcement while giving the keynote speech at the Boston Globe's annual Globe 100 breakfast at the New England XPO for Business Conference. The conference was held in the Boston Convention & Exhibit Center.

Mayor Thomas Menino was speaking as part of a panel discussion on Boston's business future. Mayor Menino said that he will likely be leading a tour of the Innovation District for university and hospital presidents, with their Boston real estate attorneys, in hopes of generating some interest.

Requests for proposals will be issued shortly, according to the Boston Globe.

Typically, Boston real estate lawyers assist with drafting of such proposals, in light of zoning laws and land restrictions. The proposal, once drafted, may have to undergo several rounds of review, including environmental review, before a project can be accepted.

Zoning and planning are within the scope of Boston real estate lawyers. If you have any questions involving the zoning laws in your area, contact a Boston real estate attorney today.

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