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Housing Discrimination: Know Your Rights!

Housing discrimination may be an area of civil rights law, but it's also an area a Boston real estate lawyer could help you with. The fact is that housing discrimination claims do tie in with landlord-tenant law, and as a result, I felt it wise to discuss the issue on the Boston Real Estate News Blog.

Did you know that it's illegal to discriminate against a tenant, based on religion, race or disability?

In fact, it's even illegal to discriminate against a tenant for their "familial status," or essentially, for the type of family unit you have. And mind you, this definition covers a broad scope of discrimination. It can even encompass the refusal of a landlord to rent to a family that has children! Of course, this definition of "familial status" could likely extend to homosexual couples as well.

Religious discrimination can be just as broad a form of housing discrimination. Complaints of discrimination can be based on something as simple as a letter extending the use of a clubhouse for "Christmas or Easter parties." This statement, mentioning Christmas or Easter, could foreseeably discriminate against persons who don't necessarily observe Christian holidays. Another example of religious discrimination, which we've addressed in this blog, involves the CC&Rs of a condo association banning the hanging of a Jewish mezuzah on the doorpost.

As I mentioned earlier, housing discrimination is an area of civil rights law, but it nevertheless crosses over into the realm of a Boston real estate attorney. If you feel that you've been discriminated against with regards to housing, contact a Boston real estate attorney today.

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