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Dow Jones' Massachusetts Mansion for Sale

Boston real estate lawyers and real estate brokers alike are likely drooling over this latest news.

The home of the Dow Jones heirs is up for grabs.

Well, "up for grabs" would imply that it's free or readily available. It's actually selling for quite a hefty price-tag. $55 million, to be exact.

The 20,000 square foot mansion is located in Cohasset. But it's not just the mansion that's for sale. The surrounding property is also included in the asking price of $55 million.

The mansion itself was the property of the Barrons and the Bancrofts, the Wall Street and Dow Jones heirs. In addition to the 45 room mansion, the property includes a restaurant, a marina and the Cohasset Harbor Inn.

For Boston real estate lawyers, this type of sale is a rare one and one that perhaps a lucky Massachusetts real estate lawyer could only hope to see once or twice in his career.

Of course, that's a broad generalization, but nevertheless, it's likely true in most cases.

Boston real estate lawyers and Massachusetts real estate lawyers have a unique and important role when it comes to real estate sales. Their role is different as compared to real estate attorneys in other states, that is. I've discussed the role of Massachusetts attorneys several times in this blog, both with regards to the seller and with regards to the buyer. The fact that Massachusetts indexes real estate in a different way perhaps has something to do with the more intense role of a Massachusetts real estate lawyer. Nevertheless, even in smaller purchases, the Boston real estate lawyer (or any Massachusetts real estate lawyer, for that matter) plays a crucial role in the closing of the real estate sale.

If you're in the market for a home, it's time to shop for a Massachusetts real estate lawyer as well. Have a look at our related resources for more information.

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