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AG Martha Coakley Cracks Down on Fairhaven Broker Simone Schettino and REMAX Classic

If you are renting in a foreclosed home in the Boston area, know your rights. If you don't know what your rights are, contact a Boston real estate lawyer.

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley has been cracking down on housing scams, but given the current state of affairs within the housing market, the word "housing scam" could refer to a plethora of things.

Under state and federal law, a tenant can remain in their property throughout the lease period, despite the fact that the home has been foreclosed on and sold to a new owner. A foreclosure does not absolve the right of the tenant to stay in their home. A foreclosure does not cancel your lease, if you are renting a home.

But many tenants aren't aware of that fact. And many scam artists are taking advantage of that.

Simone Schettino and RE/MAX Classic of Fairhaven have been cited by Attorney General Martha Coakley. The real estate company and broker were allegedly sending fake notices to tenants in foreclosed homes in an effort to have them vacate their homes. The notices were threatening to change the locks on the properties if the tenants did not call the broker within 24 hours. Other notices threatened to remove personal property of the tenants from the foreclosed homes if the tenants failed to contact the realtor. 

Notices like these ones are illegal and misleading. If you or anyone you know received a notice like the ones described in this post, contact a Boston real estate attorney to discuss your next steps. Or better yet, contact the Attorney General.

The culprits in these acts of deception must face fines. RE/MAX Classic and Simone Schettino must also provide free seminars to the public on issues faced by tenants living in buildings facing foreclosure.

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