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A Landlord's Duty to Remove Mold

Here is an article that outlines a few issues of concern to Boston real estate lawyers. The article speaks of an interesting program set up with some Boston area medical centers and some major local law firms.

What I found most interesting about this article was the fact that on first glance, it would seem that many medical patients have so much concern in other areas that they often don't fully recognize the potential legal issues they may have.

Take, for example, the issue of mold in a rented condo apartment. Here's a scenario I came across, involving a family in an apartment. As it turned out, the family that lived next door was extremely unsanitary. They had many children and let the children run wild, sometimes without diapers. Garbage was piled up and the carpets were disgusting.

The story gets even more disgusting. There was mold in the downstairs apartment. And the mold crept up to the adjacent apartment.

Mold is known to cause many health problems, such as chronic fatigue, nausea and rashes. It can even cause asthma.

While the area of mold litigation is a newer area for Boston real estate lawyers, it's still an issue of concern. I've already discussed the warranty of habitability in this blog. It might be one of the stronger arguments to make. There could be greater lawsuits regarding mold, but it turns into a personal injury lawsuit and as such, the causation element becomes very important. In fact, the whole lawsuit may become a lot more complicated if the tenant pursues the case from the standpoint of having suffered personal injury.

From a Boston real estate lawyer's standpoint, there could always be enough reason to compel your landlord to make the repairs and get rid of the mold. Have a look at the related resources section, particularly at the blog post about repairs. If you have any questions regarding your rights as a renter, speak to a Boston real estate lawyer.

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